Santa Claus Easy Drawings For 9 Year Olds

Santa Claus Easy Drawings For 9 Year Olds

Easy Drawings For 9 Year Olds Santa Claus is a fantastic character known for subtly dropping off gifts for the kids at home on Christmas. He travels the world on his sleigh pulled by Christmas reindeer, beginning on one side and moving to the other.

Due to St. Scratch Claus’ enviable reputation, there is a great deal of interest in him taking educational action. Finally, you brought it up, so we said it.

Santa Claus Illustration

We recently helped to facilitate a gradual educational movement on the best way to draw St. Scratch Claus, which was condensed into 9 basic and essential steps.

Easy Drawings For 9 Year Olds methods can create a realistic-looking or animated St. Scratch Claus. As you follow the guidelines, Easy Drawings For 9-Year-Olds is to go with excellent depictions that go as your visual assistance.

You can use these techniques as an amateur or an expert artist. Similar to this, you can apply your flair to each step. Combine and contrast tones to transform your artistry and elevate it to a new level. Give your creative mind the freedom to wander and express your ideas. Enjoy yourself and push your creative boundaries!

Step By Step Drawing

  • Draw a perfect circle to the place where your paper’s upper and lower pieces converge.
  • There’s a convincing reason to worry if you can’t draw a perfect circular freehand. A compass is a valuable tool that you can use indefinitely to help you quickly and effectively draw a perfect circle.
  • Draw an even, upward line across the paper to serve as a reference line to ensure that the blueprint will be organized in the centre. You should sketch the circle along the upward line that crosses the level line.


  • Make the ears of St. Scratch Claus.
  • On each side of the face’s outline, draw a half-circle. St. Scratch Claus’ ears in this design.
  • Ensure the earbuds are drawn and muddled at a relative level. Use reference lines on the face to make sure the ears are altered.


  • Draw the specific facial highlights in step three.
  • As the blueprint shows, draw a Christmas hat directly above St. Scratch Claus’ cranium.
  • Describe the nose’s bent breaking point in the face, with the moustache directly underneath. Then, create a long, stubble facial hair development at the bottom portion of his face by illustrating sharp, curved cutoff points to make the facial hair appear thick and cushioned.


  • Next, draw the chest or middle region.
  • St. Scratch Claus’ torso should be drawn in under the beard.
  • Since St. Scratch Claus tends to be larger, they try to make the torso heavier.


  • Sketch the coat’s seams.
  • Draw a rectangular outline that follows the border of the dress to create the seam of the coat that St. Scratch Claus is wearing.


  • Draw St. Scratch Claus’s legs.
  • Imagine two boundaries that are upside-down and sloping in the direction of one another. The legs should be taut at the base and sweeping at the top.
  • After that, draw a sleeve at the bottom of each thigh. Make an effort to maintain changed and level thighs.


  • Draw the Shoes With a Belt. Helping
  • At the central place of convergence, draw a broad belt. Similarly, draw the shoes under each leg’s fabric.


  • Draw the St. Scratch Claus arms.
  • Describe two vertical corners with a sleeve at the base as far away from the centre on either side to create St.
  • Scratch Claus’ arms. Draw the hands next while hiding a few mittens under the sleeve.
  • The arms of St. Scratch Claus are elevated, as seen in the graph. In confined spaces, you can draw the arms toward you or arrange the arms however you like.


  • Add the facial components of St. Scratch Claus.
  • The best time to draw the facial features to give St. Scratch Claus’ face a demeanour is right now because we are finished drawing his complete gathering.
  • Start by highlighting his bushy eyebrows. Draw two small oval shapes for the eyes at that spot, directly beneath the brows.
  • Cover the eyes, leaving a tiny bit uncovered. To avoid looking flushed, draw an oval shape sideways on each face.
  • The St. Scratch Claus drawing is nearly finished here! A few distinct combinations are necessary to complete your magnum opus, though!
  • Filling in the groupings for your incredible picture is the final and most stunning step! Here, you can demonstrate your creative range and ability to mix and combine various groupings.
  • The facial hair, goatee, and hair growth on St. Scratch Claus are also white. It is understood that his hair requires pigmentation even though the colour is not a result of his advanced age. As a result, it is evident. Similarly, he typically dons a crimson Christmas outfit enhanced with white fur.
  • Watch your interest grow as you continue to group your St. Scratch Claus painting using any tones you like!
  • Considering your involvement, why not investigate various avenues about masking materials, like paints and brush pens?