Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes Wholesale With Brand Logo

Whether you sell popcorn outside a theatre or a school makes no difference. It would be best if you needed customized boxes to pack the crunchiest popcorn. Custom-printed popcorn boxes present popcorn very professionally before the clients. Moreover, you can print the box with the company’s logo, deals on the products, and animations to allure the kids.

Don’t bother to explore anywhere—we at iCustomBoxes manufacture a high-end box of standard quality. Our experts are highly skilled and do not run short of innovative designs for the packaging. After lengthy discussions with their corporates, they bring out unique designs for each brand’s products. We make sure to construct boxes following the specifications of the products.

Modern and Trendiest Styles of Popcorn Packaging:

There exist many types of boxes to pack popcorn. We produce boxes in the following styles:

Gable box/box with

It is the best box
to pack a massive amount of popcorn. It is easy to carry due to the
customized handles on the top of the package.         

Auto lock tuck end

This box is
designed in a particular shape that prevents objects from falling. 

Popcorn cone

Conical packaging
is the most applicable style to present popcorn. 

Custom seal ends
popcorn bags

It is an ideal box
for packing lightweight items safely. 

Dispenser box 

We convert the
counter box into Dispenser boxes with the addition of perforations. The use
of perforations makes things visible.

Dispenser box We convert the counter box into Dispenser boxes with the addition of perforations. The use of perforations makes things visible.

Besides all these styles, tray and sleeve packaging are also trending. You can also use the straight tuck-end box with die-cuts or pillow packaging for popcorn. So, you can share your thoughts regarding the box’s designs with us to get a wanted package.

Printed Logo on the Box for the Advertisement of the Brand:

Do you wish to make your popcorn famous in the town? Stay with us. We have lovely and latest printing techniques to produce extraordinary custom popcorn boxes wholesale. We put exciting and captivating theme designs on the package for the company’s promotion. The colorful printed logo of the brand and slogans become noticeable to the onlookers. To make packaging more appealing, we engrave cartoon pictures related to popcorn and the flavor of the snacks to make packaging more eye-grabbing. Digital prints are an optimal option as they cost you less than offset and get ready prints in a short time.

Engage the Customers with Eco-Friendly Custom Popcorn Packaging:

Climate change is one of the most burning questions of the 21st century. No one has not been affected by its outcomes. We are the pioneer in the USA heading towards green packaging. We employ kraft and cardboard to create an everlasting and durable box. Kraft is one of the first-rate choices for packing lightweight popcorn effectively. Kraft is 100% biodegradable and is harmless to edibles. On the other hand, cardboard packaging is also reusable. Cardboard can keep objects safe from external harm and maintain their freshness.

Modify the Look of Popcorn Boxes Wholesale with Coatings:

Each brand desires to get recognition in the market, either working on a small or large scale, so we have outstanding solutions to make packaging dominate the crowd. We have different choices in coatings, such as:

1. matt lamination

matt adds smoothness to the packaging surface while handling the box, making it very pleasing to the touch. However, it is immune to scratches and scuffs, etc.

2. gloss lamination

On customers’ demand, we employ gloss as it makes colors shinier and dazzling. It reflects lights, so fingerprints and marks become visible.

3. aqueous coating

One of the least expensive coatings but has a huge impact. It is waterproof and resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

4. spot UV

We apply spot UV on a specific part to provide glare and brightness.

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Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

We are included as the top-rate packaging provider. Our company comprises of latest printing machines and skilled packaging creators who do their utmost to create a unique package. Besides this, we offer wholesale services that cost less than minimum orders. Order now and let your brand touch the sky.