July 15, 2024 11:53 am
Email App Keep Closing

Why Does My Email App Keep Closing?

Email has become a very common app that almost everybody has on their device. Most of us use email services for our personal use as well as for professional use. 

But sometimes even the best services and tools have some drawbacks and it is similar to the email app. There are many users who have reported that the email app they are using is not working and email apps keep crashing.

 You must be wondering about this problem and are thinking why is my Gmail stopping then this is the perfect place for you to find out how you will be able to fix this problem. 

In this blog today we are going to tell you about some ways you can use to fix the problem of your email which keeps on stopping. 

There might be various reasons why this problem can occur with you again and again and fortunately, there are some ways that you can use to resolve your email crashing. 

Ways to Fix the Email app keeps crashing for the users – 

Hopefully, these ways will help you resolve the email crashing problem. 

1. Force stopping the Email app 

You can force stop the app once and then see if the problem has been fixed or not, first you are supposed to open the settings of your app, and then from the apps section you have to select your email app. 

After this, you have to click on the option of force stop and then re-launch the application again to fix Gmail keeps closing on android phones.

2. Restarting the device which you are using 

Restarting your device can be a very simple way to fix the problem you are facing for which you have to hold the power button which will offer you with options like power off, reboot, silent, and airplane. 

From these options, you have to opt for the reboot/restart button and then turn on your device again. 

3. Clearing cache files and data of your email app

To clear the cache files you have to first log out of your email app from the device and then after this, you have to move to the settings tab on your device. 

To fix Gmail crashing on my phone you have to select apps settings, you have to now click on the email app and then tap on the clear cache or clear data option from the screen. 

Clearing cache files will help you fix the minor bugs which are creating the trouble for you. 

After clearing cache files you can check if the problem of why does email keep crashing has been resolved or fixed or not. Now, that you know some of the ways you can use to fix this error with the email app, we hope these ways were beneficial for you. But if you are still in need of some other ways which can help you in solving this problem then we would refer the website Emailspedia to you where you will find your answers.