Whatsapp Automation

How To Use Whatsapp Automation For Your Business?

Whatsapp is becoming a part of the business. A lot of businesses from various industries have shifted to WhatsApp because of its automation feature. With the help of WhatsApp, automation businesses can enhance their business service and can connect with their audience more effectively. With the help of WhatsApp automation, even event industries are offering top-notch services to their attendees.

Whatsapp is a very versatile application it can be used in various ways from helping with event registration to sending regular updates and automatic reminder messages and more. In this article, we will be discussing ways in which businesses can use WhatsApp to their advantage and for offering better experiences to their users.

Ways Of Using Whatsapp Automation For Your Business

Here are a few ways in which you can use WhatsApp automation for your business:

1. Welcome Message

If you want to use WhatsApp for your business there are various ways in which you can do that and sending welcome messages is one of them. When your users share their numbers with your business you should first send them a welcome message. Not just a welcome message you can also send an introductory message in which you can share a little introduction of your business, and brand, or if you’re hosting an event you can give an overview of the event. It will give an idea to the users about your brand and event. It should be short and engaging.

2. Customers Support

Whatsapp can be included in your business in different ways and using the application for providing customer support is one way. Every business has to offer customer support to all its users. And users expect quick and robust customer service from businesses. Nowadays to offer customers solutions to their issues businesses use WhatsApp. Whatsapp is an inexpensive way of providing customer support. Because most of the users are active on the platform it becomes easier for businesses to offer solutions on the platform.

3. Push Notifications

Push notifications are another way in which marketers and businesses can use WhatsApp. Push notifications are usually quick and engaging. Notifications on the platform will act as reminders and updates for the users. For instance, if you are hosting an event and there are some last minute changes that you want to update your audience about you can send a quick automated notification to all your event attendees. These notifications are very beneficial and help businesses keep users updated.

4. Event Ticketing

Whatsapp for Event Ticketing is another way of using WhatsApp. Although there are various event ticketing platforms available in the industry, Event organizer businesses these days prefer using WhatsApp automation features for event ticketing.

With the help of business WhatsApp marketers and businesses offer tickets for the event. Users can register on the platform, make payments and get digital tickets on the platform. Not just event organizers can also send reminders regarding the event tickets on the platform.

5. Promotions

Nowadays businesses and brands want to offer more personalized experiences to their users. Whatsapp can also be used for the promotion of business or event promotions and marketing. Whatsapp offers various features that can keep your users engaged with the business. With the help of WhatsApp, businesses can send promotional messages, and they can also share discounts, gift cards, and coupon codes. Businesses can either directly send a promotional message with a high-resolution image or they can use push notifications for promotions.

6. Sales

Whatsapp is now being used for E-commerce and sales. With the help of WhatsApp, automation businesses can share their product catalogues for an engaging shopping experience on the platform. Whatsapp allows businesses to create more personalized experiences for users. With the help of WhatsApp, automation businesses can send personalized messages for the sale of their products or services. They can share high-resolution images and videos of their products on the platform for attracting and engaging users for the sale of the product or service.

7. Automated Messages

The best part about WhatsApp automation is the automated text messages on the platform. With automated messages event planners or businesses can send welcome messages and thank you messages. Businesses can also answer FAQs with the help of automated text messages. These messages can help businesses engage with their audience 24*7. Businesses don’t need someone to continuously chat and engage with the users, they can use automated messages for it.

8. Online Event Registration

Whatsapp for event registration is also a popular way of using WhatsApp automation. The event registration process is crucial for any event organizer or business. There are various event registration systems that help organizers offer registration for their events but they have started using WhatsApp as an event registration app, firstly because it is inexpensive and also because it is more manageable. They can collect and manage all the data and information related to the event on WhatsApp.

9. Tracking

WhatsApp automation can also help with order tracking. There are various E-commerce businesses on the platform and they use automation features to share tracking updates with their users.

When users place an order they usually like to stay updated with its status. With the help of automation, a business can send regular updates to users regarding the whereabouts of their orders.

10. Feedback Collection

The automation feature of WhatsApp can also be used by the business for feedback collection. They can gather reviews regarding the sale of products and services and in case of an event, they can get feedback from all the user attendees. Event organizers can send automated text for feedback collection on the platform.

The Bottom Line

We are sure by the end of this article you know how you can include WhatsApp in your business. WhatsApp is an application used by many individuals so it is easy for a business to connect with its audience with the help of WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a potent and all-in-one tool, it can help with marketing, sales, promotions and for engagement so if you want your business to stay closely engaged with your users you can use the WhatsApp automation feature. It can change the game for your business.