Learn About Piso WiFi, Pause Time, and Logout Features!

The best and most affordable wi-fi connection Piso wifi is among the greatest internet service providers in the Philippines. It has the feature of pausing your internet connection and sop paying the cost from unused data or wifi.

Well! We will explore pisowifi pause time in this article.

What is Piso Wifi Pause Time

The leading wifi service provider Piso Wifi has an amazing feature of pisowifi vendo pause time that is more beneficial for one who does not afford the high cost of an internet connection, and with this feature, they can stop spilling data and no need to pay for them. piso wifi pause time, is the feature that lets you pause when you don’t want to use your wifi or when you need a break from your work. You can enable pisowifi pause time and save consumption of unwanted bandwidth and data.

How to Pause Piso wifi 

  • First, log in on the Piso wifi portal with the given username and password
  • Then you can enter the control panel of the router
  • Here, you can adjust many options like WAN, and LAN settings. You can customize the username and password according to your.
  • After entering the control panel, you will find the Pause button,
  • Tap on the “Pause” button to resume your pisowifi pause time,
  • For resuming your wifi connection you need to tap on it again and you will resume your wifi connection.

In this way, you can stop spilling your data when you are on vacation or on a break, you don’t need to pay for it by enabling Piso wifi pause time.

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