Celebrating Rakhi in India: A Heartwarming Guide to Joyous Festivities with Rakhis and Chocolates


Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi, is an auspicious and heartwarming festival celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm throughout India. This special occasion commemorates the unbreakable bond between siblings, where sisters tie sacred threads called “rakhis” on their brothers’ wrists as a symbol of protection and love. As Rakhi approaches, families eagerly anticipate the festivities and preparations to make the day memorable. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the beautiful traditions, customs, and heartwarming ways to celebrate Rakhi in India, with a special focus on the significance of rakhi and chocolates in enhancing joyous celebrations.

Preparing for Rakhi: The Joy of Festive Preparations

The excitement of Rakhi begins days before the actual celebration. Homes are adorned with vibrant decorations, and markets are brimming with colorful rakhis and delicious sweets. Sisters start preparing for the occasion by selecting the perfect rakhis for their brothers, while brothers plan thoughtful gifts for their sisters. The air is filled with anticipation and joy as families come together to celebrate this special day.

Selecting the Perfect Rakhis: Symbol of Love and Protection

Rakhis hold immense significance as they symbolize the unbreakable bond between siblings. Sisters spend time choosing the most exquisite and meaningful rakhis for their brothers. Rakhis come in various designs, from traditional threads adorned with beads and auspicious symbols to designer rakhis with intricate embellishments. Some sisters even opt for personalized rakhis with their brothers’ names or initials, adding a special touch to the celebration.

Rakhi Pooja: A Sacred Ritual of Love

On the day of Rakhi, families gather to perform the Rakhi Pooja, a sacred ritual that involves prayers and offerings. Sisters prepare a thali (plate) with a rakhi, rice grains, vermilion, sweets, and a diya (lamp). They perform aarti for their brothers, tie the rakhi on their wrists, and apply tilak on their foreheads. Brothers, in turn, offer heartfelt blessings and present gifts to their sisters as a token of their love and appreciation.

Sweets and Chocolates: Sharing Sweet Moments

Sweets and chocolates play a significant role in Rakhi celebrations, symbolizing the sweetness of the sibling relationship. Families exchange delectable sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun, and kaju katli to savor the joyous moments together. Chocolates, loved by both young and old, add an extra touch of sweetness to the festivities. Gifting boxes of chocolates to siblings has become a popular tradition, making Rakhi a delightful affair for all.

Rakhi Gifts: Expressing Love and Gratitude

Rakhi is not just about tying the sacred thread; it’s also about expressing love and gratitude through thoughtful gifts. Brothers carefully select gifts for their sisters, ranging from jewelry, clothing, and accessories to gadgets, books, and personalized gifts. Sisters reciprocate with love by presenting their brothers with gifts that suit their interests and preferences. The act of exchanging gifts strengthens the bond between siblings and fosters a sense of appreciation and affection.

Rakhi Celebration with Extended Family

Rakhi is not limited to immediate siblings but extends to cousins and other family members as well. Cousins tie rakhis to each other, reinforcing the sense of familial love and togetherness. The extended family gathers for a festive celebration, enjoying sumptuous meals, games, and laughter. This coming together of the entire family enhances the joyous spirit of Rakhi.

Rakhi with Specially-Abled Siblings

Rakhi celebrations also emphasize inclusivity and compassion. Many families celebrate Rakhi with specially-abled siblings, demonstrating unconditional love and support. Sisters tie rakhis to their specially-abled brothers, expressing their unwavering bond. This heartwarming gesture fosters a sense of belonging and happiness for both siblings.

Rakhi in Temples and Orphanages

Rakhi is not just confined to family celebrations; it extends to the community as well. Many individuals and organizations visit temples or orphanages to tie rakhis to the less fortunate. This act of kindness spreads joy and love among those who may not have siblings or families to celebrate with.

Virtual Rakhi Celebrations

In today’s fast-paced world, distance often separates siblings. However, technology bridges this gap. Virtual Rakhi celebrations have become popular, allowing siblings who are geographically apart to come together on this special day. Video calls, virtual Rakhi tying, and online gift exchanges enable siblings to share the joy of Rakhi, regardless of the physical distance.

Rakhi with a Social Cause

Some families celebrate Rakhi with a noble purpose by tying eco-friendly rakhis or rakhis made by underprivileged artisans. By opting for such rakhis, they support social causes and promote sustainable practices. This compassionate approach makes the celebration even more meaningful and impactful.


Rakhi is an occasion of immense love, joy, and togetherness, celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India. The festival is a reflection of the strong bond between siblings, symbolized by the sacred thread of Rakhi. The significance of rakhis and chocolates in enhancing the celebrations cannot be overlooked, as they represent the sweetness of the sibling relationship. As Rakhi 2023 approaches, let us embrace the spirit of the festival by cherishing our siblings and expressing our love and appreciation through thoughtful gestures, delicious sweets, and heartwarming celebrations. May Rakhi be a time of love, laughter, and lasting memories for every family across the country.