Boostify the customer experience with your packaging

Did someone say french fry?

French fry? Always a big yes. No matter how hungry I am, it is the food I could never resist eating. Even when I am not hungry, I can not say no to some freshly fried french fries. I mean, who could say no to such a delicious combination of salt, fat, and crunchiness. I love french fries so much that I can eat them all day and everyday without getting bored. Moreover, eating french fries is healthy too. It controls our blood pressure and makes us feel good. Recent studies tell us that eating them triggers dopamine in our brain. Well, that is the exact reason why I feel instantly happy after eating a full fledged plate of freshly fries french fries. From a fancy high standard restaurant to an ordinary cafe,every single restaurant will have them in their menu. They may appear in different varieties such as cheesy fries, loaded fries or sweet potato fries. As long as they have potatoes in them, just bring them on.

What makes a food lose its desirability:  Even though french fry is always number one on my wishlist, there have been times when i had to face disappointment. This disappointment has nothing to do with the quality of food but with the quality of packaging. This was the time when a bad packaging ruined all my fun. I lost all my appetite because the poor packaging spoiled all the taste of my food. The smudgy packaging made with low quality material mixed up with my food. The things got so worse that when I took my bite, it was the chunks of packaging getting into my mouth with the food. What could have been worse than this? Nothing I guess.

After this bad experience, never in my life have I gone back to that restaurant again. This is how impactful packaging can be. For a foodie like me, packaging and food presentation are a matter of concern. In what kind of box the food is packed, matters a lot. French fry boxes create a lot of difference in the overall standard of the meal. Without appropriate boxing, the food loses all its appetite and desire. No matter how well cooked your fries are, if they are not packed properly, the good taste goes in vain. Substandard packaging impacts the quality of food as a whole. A renowned food brand can lose track of all their reputation by making low quality boxes. Well reputed brand can lose all their loyal customers because of their poor packaging. This has happened to me, I easily get bothered by how the food is presented. Seeing an attractive box automatically makes one think that the food would be likewise. Same happens when the food is presented in second class packaging, people might get the idea that the food will also taste unpleasant.

I used to love the flavour of a particular brand but their boxing disappointed me so much that I had to change my routine. I turned myself to another brand that offered superior packaging quality and were equally concerned about their presentation style. French fries boxes need to be perfectly designed in order for your food brand to stand out in the market.

Create that “WOW” factor:

Ensure that your packaging meets all the expectations of your customers and build a “Wow” moment. There are a number of small details that make a perfect french fry box.

  • Material: The first and the most important thing is to consider the material that we will be using to make the box. Make sure you go for the quality material that meets all the standards of class. An unsatisfactory material will not even affect your food quality but will also ruin the overall image of your brand. Ensure that the material is efficient enough to retain the accurate flavour of your fries. Cardboard made boxes are mostly used in the making of french fries boxes. Cardboard boxes are the best and most cost-effective material available. French fry boxes wholesale enables different brands to purchase the boxes in bulk,with a reasonable price.
  • Customisation: The second most important thing is the “customisation”. Custom packaging helps people differentiate your brand from those of similar businesses. The basic point of customisation is that it tailors to the particular brand or company and its consumers. It also keeps your brand’s image up to the minute with the ongoing market trends .One should always design the box in such a way that it instantly grabs the attention of customers. Make the packaging look so stunning that it appeals to the customers in no time. You can easily impress your customers with creating boxes that are one step ahead of the other brands. It is suitable to customise the boxes with a brand logo.
  • Logo design: The designed logo will serve as a distinctive identity of your brand. It makes your food brand stand out in the market’s competition. You can also use various colourful designing patterns to make your french fry containers look more fascinating. Sharp and vibrant designs will immediately influence the customers in a very positive way. A happy customer evolves new customers on the other hand, an unsatisfactory customer lessens the overall sales and reputation of your brand.
  • Printing: printing the boxes rightly can effectively increase the brand value. Printing your boxes appropriately is the branding strategy that costs much lower than the other general marketing strategies. A good box will advertise your brand and will promote the positive image of your brand.

Final thoughts:  No one can deny the fact that packaging plays a vital role in creating a brand perception. A better box means a greater number of sales and extra brand awareness. Packaging creates an enduring effect on the buyers. It helps people remember your food. It produces the first impression and it is one of the strongest factors that influences the purchase decision. Every tiny detail should be noteworthy so that there is no chance of any retaliation.